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CPA Service at Bookkeeping Rates

Whether you’re a startup ready to make a move in your industry, an established enterprise looking to fine-tune your financial and operational efficiencies, or somewhere in between, We Do Books has a customized package and monthly price that is designed for your business.

Your business is not “cookie-cutter” so why would we treat you that way? We feel that every business has its own specific needs, and to offer a set of monthly price options without first getting to know your business better would be a disservice both to you and your business.

It is for that reason that we ask for you to inquire with us first (either by phone or through our site here) and schedule a face-to-face appointment with one of our Relationship Managers or CPA professionals in order for us to truly understand how we can custom tailor a solution to best serve you.

No matter which monthly package you fit in, you can rest assured that you will still receive all of the following benefits, even with our most basic package: 

Here’s what we found in our research. The results may shock you…
The FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) has hundreds of cases on their website that are specifically a result of bookkeeper wrongdoing. Yes, your local bookkeeper has no oversight, therefore they often become the thief! Even an honest person can be tempted beyond self-control when there are no locks...

Just Google terms like; Bookkeeper Theft, Bookkeeper Embezzlement, or Bookkeeper Stealing and you will find many cases of local bookkeepers who stuck their hands in the cookie jar!


  • Fixed Monthly Fees 
    Customized to your needs and easily budgeted.

    Dedicated Relationship Manager 
    One contact for all your accounting needs. Same day call-back guarantee.

    Monthly Financial Statements 
    Track your financial performance. Monthly pick-up/drop-off as necessary.

    CPA Firm Professionalism 
    Peace of mind that your work is done right the first time and your data is secure in the hands of the State Board of Accountancy screened and approved professionals with over 30 years of experience.

  • Dedicated Bookkeeper 
    We make it a priority to understand your business.

    Dedicated Team of CPAs
    Unlimited consultation with industry specialists. No hidden fees.

    Quarterly Financial Analysis & Client Education 
    Discover hidden clues for improvement.

    Local Office Locations 
    All across California and Arizona.

Expanded Service Offerings

Additionally, because we are an all-inclusive and State Board licensed CPA firm, we offer the following extensive suite of services, should we determine your need for any of these after our initial consultation:

  • Live Payroll Services 
    Pay yourself and your employees online with a few clicks. Includes free direct deposit.

    Income Tax Planning & Preparation 
    Keep more money. Minimize your tax burden. Both business and personal plus state and federal quarterly estimated tax payments.

    Forecasting & Budgeting 
    Know where you’re headed so you stay in control.

    Extensive Business Tax Credit Analysis
    Maximize tax savings and advantages.

    Inventory Tracking 
    Account for inventory properly and in a tax-advantaged way.

    Accounting Staff Training, Supervision, and Support 
    Save money by being efficient and staying efficient with your staff.

  • Business License, Sales & Use Tax, Business Personal Property 
    Avoid late filing and payment penalties.

    County & City Taxes 
    We can help minimize any tax you may owe to these various other local agencies.

    Annual State Corporate Reporting
    Avoid huge penalties for incompliance.

    Accounts Payable
    Complete A/P solution to issue checks and make sure your vendors are paid on time.

    Workers’ Compensation Insurance Audit Representation 
    So you don’t have to!

    Cash Flow Monitoring, Risk Assessment, Internal Controls, and much more! 
    All under one roof. Keep it simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have work to catch up on?

A Relationship Manager or CPA can go over the backwork process with you during your free initial consultation, and provide you with a checklist of documents needed to make it easy to get you caught up fast.

How do I access my data?

We offer a variety of options for viewing and interacting with your data, from local software installation to cloud-based hosting solutions. Based on your needs, we will customize the best solution for you.

I’m just getting start. I don’t have much activity as I begin to ramp up my business. Can you still help me?

Of course! We work with businesses of all sizes, which is why we also offer a quarterly pricing option, so be sure to ask us about how we can custom-tailor a quarterly package for you to start off with. As your business grows we’ll be there to adapt to your ever-changing needs and can always re-assess at any point how we can best serve you.

Any other questions?

We’re sure you have plenty more. And that’s a good thing! Which is why we would like to meet with you to go over all the details and answer any questions you have.

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